version: 27 February 2010


Colorado State University

Concentration in Computing Technology

effective Fall semester 2010

The Computing Technology concentration of the Applied Computing Technology major is intended to prepare graduates for careers in Information Technology (IT). It is intended to provide background for students wanting to become network and systems administrators, web masters or web developers. The program combines basic computer science content with specialized courses in system administration and web development, along with basic business courses. It differs substantially from the computer science major, which is intended to prepare students to become software developers capable of producing large-scale software from scratch using high levels of abstraction in a broad range of application areas. ACT-CT graduates find employment in any organization that uses computing systems in their operations who need information technology specialists to maintain those systems and adapt them to the goals of the organization.

There is much leeway in terms of free electives for students in their junior and senior years in computing technology to choose a collection of courses in the form of a second major or minor or coherent focus area tailored to their interests. Students are encouraged to consider other subject matters to combine with their knowledge of computing technology. Opportunities exist to pursue independent research projects under faculty supervision. Students are encouraged to begin such research early in their upper division studies.


Suggested Sequence of Courses

120 credits required for graduation

Freshman Year:: Sophomore Year:
Course Credits

CO150 CS200 4
CS160 4 CS270 4
CS161 4 CS253 4
MATH160 or 141 or 155 3-4 Natural Sciences 3
STAT201 or 204 or 301 3 ECON204 3
Natural Sciences 4 Global and Cultural Awareness 3
ECON202 3 ACT205 3
Arts and Humanities 3 JTC300 3
Electives 3 Electives 3
Total Credits 30-31 Total Credits 30

Junior Year: Senior Year:


CS314 3 Advanced Technology Electives 12
CT310 4 JTC413 3
CT320 4 Electives 15
FIN305 3
MKT305 3
MGT305 3
Historical Perspectives 3
Arts and Humanities 3
Electives 4-3
Total Credits 30-29 Total Credits 30

The 24-25 semester credits of free electives in this program should be viewed by the student as an opportunity to tailor a program to specific educational objectives. By wise choice of electives, a student may be able to begin a second major, obtain a minor in a supporting area, or achieve a broad, liberal education.

Course Requirements for a B.S. Degree in Applied Computing Technology: Computing Technology Concentration

Approved Courses for the categories of the All University Core Curriculum can be seen at All University Core Curriculum


500 level courses in a specific category may be substituted in the advanced technology elective category with prior approval from the key advisor.

Applied Computing Technology majors will be excused from prerequisites for the CIS courses on the Advanced Technology electives list. Access to CIS courses is restricted. Contact the CIS Dept. about overrides.

 All-University Core Curriculum
 1.   Basic Competencies (AUCC)
A.  CO150  College Composition  3
 B.  MATH160 or MATH141 or MATH155  Calculus  4-3
 2.  Core Competencies (AUCC):
A.  JTC300  Professional and Technical Communications  3
 3.      Foundations and Perspectives (AUCC):
A.  Natural Sciences 7
 B.  Arts and Humanities  6
 C.  Social/Behavioral Sciences (ECON202 only)  3
 D.  Historical Perspectives 3
 E.  Global and Cultural Awareness  3
 4.     Depth and Integration (AUCC):*
JTC413 and CS314:
Together these two courses meet AUCC cat. 4A, 4B and 4C [Using Competencies, Building on Foundations, and Capstone]
      Computing Technology Core Courses:
 CS160  Foundations in Programming  4
 CS161  Object-Oriented Problem Solving  4
 CS200  Data Structures  4
 CS253  Problem Solving in C++  4
 CS270  Computer Organization  4
 CS314  Software Development Methods  3
 CT310  Web Development  4
 CT320  Network and System Administration  4
 JTC413  New Communications Technology and Society  3
 TOTAL    35
      Mathematics and Statistics
 MATH160 or 141 or 155  Calculus  3-4
 STAT201 or 204 or 301  Statistics  3
 TOTAL    6-7
      Business Core Courses
 ACT205  Fundamentals of Accounting  3
 FIN305  Fundamentals of Finance  3
 MKT305  Fundamentals of Marketing  3
 MGT305  Fundamentals of Management  3
 ECON204  Principles of Macroeconomics  3
 TOTAL    12
      Advanced Technology Electives: Choose 12 hours
 CS356  System Security  3
 CS370  System Software and Architecture  3
 CS414  Object-Oriented Design  4
 CS430  Database Systems  4
 CS451  Operating Systems  4
 CS457  Networking and the Internet  4
 CIS320  Project Management for Info Systems  3
 CIS355  Business Database Systems  3
 CIS360  System Analysis and Design  3
 MATH360  Mathmatics for Information Security  3
 TOTAL    12