Version: March 22 2011

Teaching Schedule-Summer-11 Term

(CS110 is an 8 week (June 13 - Aug 7); CS155, 156, and 157 run for four weeks each consecutively over the 12 week summer session, starting May 17th. CS430 is a 12 week course.)

Class	Title				Hour			Day	Instructor

CS110	Personal Computing 		17:00-18:15(+lab)	MR    	Schleiffers 
CS155   Intro to Unix (1st 4 weeks)	12:15-13:05		MTWR    
CS156   Intro to C I (2nd 4 weeks)	12:15-13:05		MTWR	
CS157	Intro to C II (3rd 4 weeks)	12:15-13:05		MTWR	
CS430	Database Systems		10:00-11:10		MWF	Wakefield

Online courses: CS420 and CS430 and CS551.  Call 491-5288 (Continuing Education)
or go to for registration.  Online courses are 12 week courses 
beginning May 16th.  Note: online courses have their own tuition and fee structure.