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    $Sqrt='sq_root6',    $T1='uint3',  $T1b='bits3',  $T2='uint6',
           $T2b='bits6',  $N='6';
    $Sqrt='sq_root8',    $T1='uint4',  $T1b='bits4',  $T2='uint8',
           $T2b='bits8',  $N='8';
    $Sqrt='sq_root10',   $T1='uint5',  $T1b='bits5',  $T2='uint10',
           $T2b='bits10', $N='10';
    $Sqrt='sq_root12',   $T1='uint6',  $T1b='bits6',  $T2='uint12',
           $T2b='bits12', $N='12';
    $Sqrt='sq_root14',   $T1='uint7',  $T1b='bits7',  $T2='uint14',
           $T2b='bits14', $N='14';
    $Sqrt='sq_root16',   $T1='uint8',  $T1b='bits8',  $T2='uint16',
           $T2b='bits16', $N='16';
    $Sqrt='sq_root18',   $T1='uint9',  $T1b='bits9',  $T2='uint18',
           $T2b='bits18', $N='18';
    $Sqrt='sq_root32',   $T1='uint16', $T1b='bits16', $T2='uint32',
           $T2b='bits32', $N='32';
    $T1 $Sqrt ($T2 vsq) {
        $T2b vsqb = vsq;
        $T2b asq = 0;
        $T1b a = 0;
        $T2b tvsq = 0;
        $T1b v =
           for uint5 i in [$N/2] {
                $T2b nasq1 = ($T2)asq + ($T2)a;
                $T2b nasq = (nasq1<<2) | ($T2b)1;
                $T1b sa = a<<1;
               next tvsq = (tvsq<<2) | ((vsqb>>($N-2)) & ($T2b)3);
               next vsqb = vsqb<<2;
               next a, next asq =
                   if (nasq <= tvsq) return (sa|($T1b)1,   nasq)
                   else                       return (  sa, asq<<2);
                } return (final(a));
         $T1 r = v;
        } return (r);