Previous Results

This is mostly for internal purposes; it is a record of performance results with previous compiler versions and machines.

Performance Results

Performance was measured by compiling the SA-C CDF wavelet routine with the May 13, 2001 version of the SA-C compiler and executing them on an Annapolis Microsystems StarFire with an Xilinx XV-1000 FPGA. The test image was an 8-bit 512x512 images (of Fort Hood, TX, shown above). Compiler optimizations included a four pipeline stages.

Seconds (800MHx P3)
Seconds (AMS Starfire)
Logic Blcoks
34.1 MHz

For comparison purposes, we ran Honeywell's original wavelet code (written in C) on an 800 MHz Pentium III compiled under VC++ (v. 6.0, optimized for speed) running Windows2000.