CS 692 Seminar

Students registered for CS692 will be graded by their attendance of BMAC talks. A passing grade requires attendance of at least 70% of the BMAC seminars. Students attending the BMAC seminars that are scheduled outside the regular slot (Monday 11:00AM-11:50AM) will receive extra credits. These extra credits will be used to substitute when students have missed the regular seminars. Students are expected to be familiar with the Computer Science Department's policies regarding academic integrity and code of conduct. In addition, the following policies are specially applicable:

Students must be in their seats no later than 5 minutes into the seminar. Students arriving later than 5 minutes will be marked absent for that class. No exceptions.
Using cellular phones, smartphones and other mobile devices during the presentation is forbidden.
Laptop or tablet use for checking emails, browsing the web or other activities not related to the presentation is. If you absolutely need to use one, please sit in the back row.

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