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This page is a repository for information related to Computer Science Education at the Department of Computer Science of Colorado State University.

COLCSE Conference

This year we hosted the second annual Colorado Computer Science Educators (COLCSE) conference. Information about the event is posted below, and Regis has generously offered to host the event next year. All email addresses have been updated, please let me know if your contact information is incorrect, or if you would like to be removed from the mailing list. The program, participant list, and notes for the last two years is shown below:

SIGCSE Organization

The ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE) is the premier organization for educational concerns in our field. The next conference is March 8-11, 2017 in Seattle. The website is somewhat preliminary, but does include a call for papers, which are usually due around the end of August. Some relevant papers are posted below:

2016 Papers

2015 Papers

Trip Reports

Automated Grading

Our department makes extensive use of automated grading tools to evaluate student programs. These tools were primarily developed by Fritz Sieker with an additional web interface by Chris Wilcox. Unfortunately our tools are somewhat specialized and not ready for release to other institutions, but we may change this situation in the future. I will post details on the various automated grading tools that are available.

Other Links

Besides automated grading, we use a number of commercial tools to support undergraduate education. One such tool is Piazza, a very easy to use bulletin board that can be applied to any classroom. Liz Boese has contributed a couple of videos, including her TED talk here, and her video on Grace Hopper here.

Summer Programming Camp

The link for the 2016 Summer Programming Camp for Middle School Girls, held from June 6-10 at Colorado State University is here.

Outreach Activities

The Department of Computer Science of Colorado State University is interested in expanding our outreach activities, particularly to middle and high school level students. We were very excited to get a report on the Computer Science courses that are offered (or about to be offered) in the Poudre School District. We have identified several ways in which we could help out, as follows: We will be contacting the high school teachers in the Poudre School District shortly to see how we can help out. In addition, we expect to start looking for funding in the next year to finance some or all of these activities. Please contact Chris Wilcox at wilcox@cs.colostate.edu for more information.
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