Combined BS/MS Program

Combined BS/MS Program (IDP) early admission):

The integrated degree program (IDP) graduate admissions allows talented CSU students interested in computer science research to enroll in the CS graduate program and complete graduate courses while finishing their undergraduate degrees.

This program will be especially attractive to CS undergraduates who for a variety of reasons have accumulated enough undergraduate credit to graduate early. Such students can take courses towards their graduate degree while at the same time completing courses to finish their undergraduate degree.

The following rules apply to the BS/MS program:

1. Students with at least 75 hours (including at least 15 upper division credits required in their major) and who have at least a 3.0 overall GPA may apply to the MS program in computer science under Track III admissions.

2. Courses taken towards the BS cannot be used towards the MS, and vice-versa.

Please read the requirements for the MS program

Application Procedures:

1. Fill out the online application Application and make sure to check the IDP box.

2. A written "statement of purpose" must be included with the application that contains:

3. Submit a resume including professional employment, special skills and competencies, publications, awards or other recognition.