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Our online MCS program was cited as a "top notch online degree program" by in a recent IEEE article titled, "Exploring CS Degree Options, Is the online route worth the trip?" Colorado State University has had distance degree programs for over 30 years and has awarded hundreds of master's degrees. Our students have gone on to work for many major computer companies. CSU has had a particularly close relationship with Hewlett Packard: CSU is one of the top five universities in the world providing employees for HP, drawing from both on-campus and online students.

* Courses in the online program are identical to those offered on campus and are indistinguishable from on-campus courses on the CSU transcript. This is also true of the degree itself.

The Computer Science Department offers an online program leading to a Master of Computer Science degree (MCS) via the Internet from an accredited research university. The non-thesis Master of Computer Science is a course work only professional degree that can be completed from anywhere in the world completely online via the world wide web.

A broad overview of our online masters program and registration information is available at CSU Online.

You are welcome to take any of the online courses regardless of whether you have been admitted to the graduate program. Of course, you will not earn an official Master of Computer Science degree unless you have been admitted. To earn this Masters degree, you must take 35 credits of coursework. (All of our courses carry 4 credits.) You may earn up to 14 credits (or three courses) before admission. Any online courses taken beyond the first three will not count towards the degree, unless you have been formally admitted to the MCS program. Note: in order to count courses taken prior to admission, a grade greater than B- must be earned.

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Course Schedule:

We plan to offer the online version of advanced computer science courses according to this schedule. Although these courses are online, they will be offered on a semester schedule so that students taking the course at the same time can communicate with each other. We feel that the bulletin board discussions are an important part of an online course learning experience.

Course Registration:

You may register for these online courses by following these directions.

Degree Requirements:

The degree requirements for the MCS online degree can be found here:


To be admitted as a graduate student, you are expected to be prepared to take graduate level courses. This requires a background in:

The Computer Science Department does NOT offer these courses to distance learners.

To Apply:

Apply to the Computer Science Graduate Program.