Evaluation of Face
Recognition Algorithms

ALGORITHMS: Evaluation of Face Recognition

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Algorithms - The CSU Face Identification Evaluation System, Version 5.1

On July 23, 2010 we released version 5.1 of our software. This is a minor refinement of the 5.0 release, see the notes below for details.

On May 1, 2003 we released version 5.0 of our software. This software includes simple C source code for four distinct face recognition algorithms along with image pre-processing software, statistical analysis software and scripts to run experiments comparable to the original FERET evaluation and some of our own more recent experiments.

This release includes a Users Guide. The Users Guide is now the definitive source for information on the algorithms available and the other tools provided in the CSU Face Identification Evaluation System.

The algorithms provided in the CSU Face Identification Evaluation System are all written in ANSII C and are very portable. However, significant use is made of Unix scripting to assemble component algorithms into end-to-end experiments, and users will be able to make much quicker and direct use of the system if running under some variant of Unix.

Changes since version 5.0 are:

Significant changes since version 4.0 are summarized in the Users Guide. Briefly,

We recommend those who are using earlier versions of our software upgrade to this release.

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