Evaluation of Face
Recognition Algorithms

2010 Update: Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms

The "Evaluation of Face Recognition Algorithms" webiste has been changed little since the May 2003 release of the CSU Face Identification Evaluation System. We are leaving it up because there are still circumstances where others may find the system useful, but want to stress that in the nearly a decade since we began work on this system the field of face recognition has changed dramatically.

The Face Recognition Resources page is a newer and more complete enumeration of tools we have released.

The algorithms included here are of historical as well as educational value, and any newly proposed algorithm certainly must out-perform these to be of general interest. However, no current researcher should make the mistake of thinking a new approach to face recognition is of interest simply because it out-performs the algorithms included here. There are many more advanced and more capaple algorithms in the literature.

Two more recent CSU projects that might be of interest to anyone looking at the CSU Face Identification Evaluation System are:

FaceL: Facile Face Labeling
CSU has created a new system which is an OpenSource full end-to-end face recognition system that labels peoples faces on live video. This system has been created primarily to demonstrate face recognition quickly and easily. It is designed specifically to handle a limited number of people and to work at frame rate on live video, hence it is a uesful tool if one is trying to quickly demonstrate face recognition.
Baseline 2010 Algorithms
In the context of a new face recognition challenge problem, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly dataset, being released by NIST in 2010 we have developed a new baseline algorithm. Almost surprisingly, it is at heart based upon a PCA approach, but it includes a number of refinements proposed over the past decade that significantly increase performance. (We anticipate a link to this algorithm's distribution site by the end of July 2010.)

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