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FaceL CSU Acknowledgements

FaceL grew out of our earlier work developing the CSU Face Identification Evaluation System. That system provides benchmark face identification algorithms assuming someone has already created cropped and aligned face images. While a useful research tool, the CSU Face Identification Evaluation System has no face detection component nor does it have a graphical user interface. Put simply, it is good for research, but it is not as much fun as FaceL.

We wish to thank the National Science Foundation for their support under award 0413284, "Understanding Image-feature and Decision-procedure Choice for Human Face Detection", that in part supported the development of FaceL.

We would also like to acknowledge Jimil Saraf and Ward Fisher work on this project developing FaceL's predecessor. Without the lessons learned in that work, FaceL would never have come together.

Finally, we thank Peter Meenen for gratiously allowing us to use his Red Panda photograph as the basis for the FaceL logo. Why a red panda - because penguins are already taken. The backgrounds on this site are from GRSites.

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