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Here are four introductory videos illustrating what FaceL can do. These are available here at full resolution (640x672) using Flash. These have been teseted on IE 7, Firefox and Safari, but older browsers or flash plugins may fail. If that happens, you can download the them in Quicktime or see reduced quality versions at youTube.

Video 1 (2:45 Minutes):   Welcome and Overview.
This video shows face tracking, eye finding and face labeling. It also lets you meet David Bolme, who built FaceL and who is working on his PhD at Colorado State University and his advisor Ross Beveridge.
Video 2 (1:44 Minutes):   Out of the Box, One Person Happy/Sad.
Odds are when you first download FaceL you may be by yourself and wondering what you can do with only one person. The answer is to teach FaceL to recognize when you are happy and when you are sad: or of course any other expression you want.
Video 3 (4:45 Minutes):   Try, Try Again - Tips for Improving Recognition.
FaceL wants to see your face clearly, so having a light behind you is goind to cause problems. It is also not hard with FaceL to play games which will cause FaceL to think you are someone else. This can also be an opportunity to help FaceL get better at recognizing you. Both these tips are illustrated in this video.
Video 4 (1:51 Minutes):   Bring on more people - but not too many.
Despite what the previous movies might imply, FaceL can recognize more than 2 people. Here four people are shown. FaceL uses a classifier that does not scale up to large numbers of people, so teach it about a few friends, but don't try the whole school or neighborhood.
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