Colorado State University

Settings for NT machines
in the UNVSC Bldg

Setting The Path :
If you are using the NT machines on the 3rd floor South Wing Lab in UNVSC Building,
    you need to set your JDK PATH everytime you login.

To make things easy, download this autoexec.bat file
    and save it to your floppy disk as autoexec.bat

Each time when you use the NT machines on the 3rd floor (UNVSC building),
    you need to do the following steps:
  1. Copy the autoexec.bat file from your floppy disk to C:\TEMP
  2. Under MS-DOS, change your directory to C:\TEMP
  3. Type autoexec.bat to execute the batch file (setting your path)

Now you are ready to compile and run your programs.

Be sure to save all your files in your floppy disk
    and delete your files under C:\TEMP
        if you are using a public computer.
    (You certainly don't want others to use your code.)

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