Colorado State University

How To Obtain a
CSU Electronic ID (eID) Account/Login

Obtaining An Electronic ID (eID):

ACNS stands for the Academic & Computing Networking Services on the CSU campus
Every enrolled undergrad at CSU is entitled to a Holly machine account (for free)
Every graduate student, faculty member, and staff member at CSU is entitled to a Lamar machine account
Your CSU eID is also your Holly (or Lamar) login/password.

Here is how to go about obtaining your Holly (or Lamar) ACNS machine account

  1. Using a browser, specify a URL of

  2. When the main eIdentity and eServices web page comes up,
    click on Getting or verifying you eID.

  3. When this page/window comes up,
    • your student PID number (your student ID) and
    • your PAC (personal account code)
        (All students should know this information,
            as they use this for registration purposes)
    After entering this information, click on the Continue button

  4. Continue following directions from here with
        two warnings:
    • when you are asked to select an account, choose Holly (if you are a student)
          or Lamar (if you are faculty/staff).
              Do not choose another service like Yahoo or AOL!
    • when you are asked for your eName, choose a sensible and valid name. This
          name supposedly becomes permanent and you cannot change it ever again!

    Note: If you already have a Holly or Lamar account, you will instead be asked
                  to verify information (in which case you can ignore the warnings above)

  5. When you are done you may exit your browser now if you wish

Problems In Getting/Using Your Holly (Or Lamar) Account:

You may encounter any of the problems listed below.
With each item is where you should go to try to resolve your problem
Usually, you need to talk to folks at the Computing Help Desk
Rm 224A in the Weber Building (at ACNS)

  1. You are not in the CSU database
    (perhaps late enrollers at the university?)
    See ACNS (in the Weber Bldg)
  2. You are reopening an account
    (you perhaps left school for a semester?)
    See ACNS (in the Weber Bldg)
  3. You have an account but have forgotten your password
    See ACNS (in the Weber Bldg)


Your Holly (Lamar) account does not allow you dial-up modem service
You must pay for this separately (very cheap and reasonable)
See the ACNS people for how to do this

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