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Electronic Mail Etiquette

E-Mail Etiquette

When you send email to someone, you are addressing another person directly as if you were calling them on the phone or writing them a letter. Thus the following should always be done when sending email:

  1. Always include a short subject field in your mail message

  2. Always include a salutation to the person to whom you are writing (i.e. Hi Joe, or Dear Frank, or Sue, or Dear Mx. Yin, etc.)

  3. Always nicely space the text of your message

  4. Never type more than about 70 characters per line of message text before hitting a return

  5. Always sign your name after the text of your email message

  6. Always include relevant information after your name (phone number, email address, postal address, organization, etc.)
    This information would depend on how well you know the person, or what they might need to know to contact you, etc.

  7. BEFORE you send your message, read over your message, correct spelling and/or grammar, and make sure that your message
    1. clearly specifies what you are talking about and
    2. provides all necessary information that the person will need in order to sensibly respond to you