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How To Forward
Your Holly (Or Lamar) Account E-Mail
To Another E-mail Address

Information About E-Mail On Your Holly (or Lamar) Account:

When you have a Holly account,

    you have an email account/address on Holly that looks like:
(Substitute Lamar for Holly if you have a Lamar account)

People can send you email at this address
    For instance, your CS Instructors may use this address by default
This means you should examine your email at this address regularly

However, you might not want to use this Holly (or Lamar) email account

    to read your email
if you have another email service you normally use
    or would prefer to use
such as yahoo, juno or hotmail, etc.

Forwarding Your Holly (or Lamar) E-mail
    If You Use/Prefer Another E-mail Service:

Suppose the email address at the service you use or prefer to use looks like this:

The process described below causes all email sent to your Holly (or Lamar) account email address
    to be diverted (or forwarded) to this other email address/account above

A copy of the forwarded email is not preserved in your Holly (or Lamar) email account

Note: The following procedure can be done from your home/office

        if you have dialup modem service to the CSU ACNS servers
OR it can be done if you can telnet in from another machine,
OR it can be done from a PC/Mac at most campus computing facilities


  1. From a Windows machine press the START button,
        Then select RUN

  2. Type telnet in the RUN window
        Then press ENTER

  3. a. On Windows NT, type open
            (or substitute Lamar)
        Then press ENTER

    b. On Windows 95/98, your telnet session may be different,
    So select CONNECT and type the name of the Holly (or Lamar) machine
            (e.g. or

    c. On a Unix window, type telnet
            (or substitute Lamar)
        Then press ENTER

  4. You should now be asked for your Holly (or Lamar) login
    Type your Holly (or Lamar) account/login name
        Then press ENTER

  5. Next you will be asked for your Holly (or Lamar) password
        Type it in and press ENTER

  6. You are now connected to the Holly (or Lamar) machine
        If you see TERM = (vt100),
            press ENTER
    (In fact, if you see any TERM= prompt
        simply press ENTER)

  7. You should now see a line with a $ or a % sign
        which is the system prompt (for commands)

  8. To replace the email address shown
            with the email address of the service you use or prefer to use,
        Type the following command
     echo "" > .forward
    Note: notice the period after the ">" sign and before "forward".

  9. Finally, type exit to terminate the telnet session window
        i.e. the Holly (or Lamar) connection

  10. Note: You may repeat the above process
            any time you wish to change the email address
        to where you want your Holly (or Lamar) email forwarded

Forwarding Your Holly (or Lamar) E-mail
    To More Than One Other E-mail Address:

If you have more then one email address
    and you want copies of the messages to go to all of them
        (mirroring them),
then change the echo line in the previous above as follows:

echo "," > .forward
Again, don't forget the period after the ">" sign and before "forward"

Just list all of your email accounts/addresses
    inside the quotation marks, separated by commas

Note that all old or previous email addresses
    are replaced with the (new) email addresses
        you specify in the echo command above

WARNING: Do not put your Holly (or Lamar)
    as one of the email addresses in the echo command above

You must repeat the above process
    (specifying all email addresses)
when you wish to add/delete one or more email forwarding addresses

Avoiding A MAJOR Disaster
    (I.e. Checking What You Did Above IS Working):

It is easy to make a mistake using any of the above echo commands
    (i.e. it is easy to mistype an email address)
Here is how to check that the forwarding is working:

  Send email to your Holly (or Lamar) account/address
      (you can even do this from your Holly (or Lamar) account)

  Then, login to your (one or more) other email accounts
      that you specified forwarding to and
  Make sure the forwarded email got there!

If one or more of your other email accounts did not receive the email that was supposed to be forwarded to it
    (allowing for lag times and server/service problems/delays),
then repeat the above echo command step you used before
    (being more careful to correctly type the one or more email addresses)

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