CGpop mini-Application (2-sided MPI 1D data structure version) 0.1
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simple_domain Module Reference

Model domain and routines for initializing the domain. This module also initializes the decompositions and distributions across processors/threads by calling relevent routines in the block, distribution modules.

Data Types

interface  read_local_tiles
 Reads blocks or tiles that are specific for each task. More...


subroutine, public init_domain_blocks (reorder)
 This routine reads in domain information and calls the routine to set up the block decomposition.
subroutine, public init_domain_distribution (reorder)
 This routine calls appropriate setup routines to distribute blocks across processors and defines arrays with block ids for any local blocks. Information about ghost cell update routines is also initialized here through calls to the appropriate boundary routines.
subroutine, public read_solverioT (fname, nstep, A0, AN, AE, ANE, RHS, PRESSI, PRESSF, RCALCT, TAREASQ, KMT)
 This subroutine reads in all solver state necessary to initialize the miniapp.


integer(i4), public nblocks_tropic
integer(i4), dimension(:),
pointer, public 
type(distrb), public distrb_tropic
character(char_len) ew_boundary_type
character(char_len) ns_boundary_type
integer(i4) nprocs_tropic

Function/Subroutine Documentation

subroutine,public simple_domain::init_domain_blocks ( integer (i4),dimension(:),pointer  reorder)
reorderAn integer array that reorders block from the cannonical order in the input files to a space-filling curve order which is used by the miniapp.

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Here is the call graph for this function:

subroutine,public simple_domain::init_domain_distribution ( integer (i4),dimension(:),intent(inout),pointer  reorder)

Definition at line 247 of file simple_domain.F90.

subroutine,public simple_domain::read_solverioT ( character(len=80),intent(in)  fname,
integer(i4),intent(inout)  nstep,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  A0,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  AN,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  AE,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  ANE,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  RHS,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  PRESSI,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  PRESSF,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  RCALCT,
real(r8),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout)  TAREASQ,
integer(i4),dimension(nx_block,ny_block,max_blocks_tropic),intent(inout),optional  KMT 
fnameThe filename of the netCDF tilefile which contains the solver state.
nstepThe timestep in the simulation that the inputfile represents.
A0The diagonal coefficient of the stencil which forms the sparse matrix vector multiply.
ANThe northern neighbor coefficient of the stencil.
AEThe eastern neighbor coefficient of the stencil.
ANEThe northeastern neighbor coefficient of the stencil.
RHSThe right and side of the linear system. This corresponds to 'b' from the equation 'Ax=b'.
PRESSIThe initial guess for the surface pressure. This corresponds to 'x'.
PRESSFThe final estimate for the surface pressure.
RCALCTThe land mask. Values greater than 0 indicate ocean points.
TAREASQThe area for each grid point.
KMTThis integer array which indicates the number of vertical levels.

Definition at line 522 of file simple_domain.F90.

Variable Documentation

integer (i4),dimension(:),pointer,public blocks_tropic

Definition at line 58 of file simple_domain.F90.

type (distrb),public distrb_tropic

Definition at line 62 of file simple_domain.F90.

character (char_len) ew_boundary_type

Definition at line 72 of file simple_domain.F90.

integer (i4),public nblocks_tropic

Definition at line 55 of file simple_domain.F90.

integer (i4) nprocs_tropic

Definition at line 76 of file simple_domain.F90.

character (char_len) ns_boundary_type

Definition at line 72 of file simple_domain.F90.

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