CGpop mini-Application (2-sided MPI 1D data structure version) 0.1
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simple_blocks.F90 File Reference

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Data Types

type  AppMD_t


module  simple_blocks

Data types and tools for decomposing a global horizontal domain into a set of blocks. This module contains a data type for describing each block and contains routines for creating and querying the block decomposition for a global domain.


subroutine, public set_block_parameter (bid, npoints)
 This function sets the number of active ocean points in the all_block variable.
integer(i4), public get_block_id (ix, iy)
 This function returns the linear index of a block given the global x,y index of a block.
subroutine, public get_block_parameter (block_id, local_id, ib, ie, jb, je, iblock, jblock, npoints, i_glob, j_glob)
 This routine returns requested parts of the block data type for the block associated with the input block id.
subroutine, public GetEWBlockIndex (bndy_type, iblock_src, jblock_src, iblock_east, jblock_east, iblock_west, jblock_west)
 This subroutine determins the i,j index of the east and west neighbors of a source or current block.
subroutine, public GetNSBlockIndex (bndy_type, iblock_src, jblock_src, iblock_north, jblock_north, iblock_south, jblock_south)
 This subroutine determins the i,j index of the north and south neighbors of a source or current block.
integer(i4), public get_proc_id (dist, ineigh, block_id)
 This determins the task or processor id for a neighboring block.


integer(i4), parameter, public nghost = 2
integer(i4), parameter, public nx_block = block_size_x + 2*nghost
integer(i4), parameter, public ny_block = block_size_y + 2*nghost
integer(i4), public nblocks_tot
integer(i4), public nblocks_x
integer(i4), public nblocks_y
integer(i4), dimension(:),
allocatable, public 
integer(i4), dimension(:,:),
allocatable, public 
integer(i4), parameter, public ieast = 1
integer(i4), parameter, public iwest = 2
integer(i4), parameter, public inorth = 3
integer(i4), parameter, public isouth = 4
integer(i4), parameter, public iseast = 5
integer(i4), parameter, public iswest = 6
integer(i4), parameter, public inwest = 7
integer(i4), parameter, public ineast = 8
integer(i4), parameter, public NumNeigh = 8
type(AppMD_t), dimension(:),
pointer, public 
integer(i4), dimension(:,:),
pointer, public 
integer(i4), dimension(:,:),
allocatable, target 
integer(i4), dimension(:,:),
allocatable, target 
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