photo of Dr. Whitley

Greetings from the Department of Computer Science! I would like to share with you just a few of our activities from this past semester.

Once again, our ranks are growing. We are preparing to hire another new faculty member this year, which will bring our total number of faculty to 19. Our recent faculty additions have allowed us to create and teach new courses in bioinformatics, compilers, and high performance computing. Our ACT degree also became available this fall, and about 30 students have already declared this new major.

We continue to focus our efforts on diversity, recruiting and support. We now have almost $200,000 in our undergraduate student scholarship funds, and new donations have allowed us to increase the number of scholarships given to undergrads. We are also working to build fellowships to provide summer funding for graduate students.

The department is benefiting from the generous support of our industrial partners. Lockheed Martin is helping us fund a project to establish an undergraduate research track based on robots. The allure of working with robots in a dynamic, supportive environment helps us recruit talented students, build teams, foster community, and encourage long-term projects. We also appreciate the support of Hewlett-Packard, who helped us acquire 22 new workstations for the HP classroom. Our undergraduate students spend intensive time in the HP lab, and many of our graduate level classes also utilize the facility.

There is high demand in the marketplace for graduates with skills in networks and security. We are striving to help our students adapt to changing conditions in the technology sector and to maintain their competitive advantage. At this time, we still have the highest placement rate and highest starting salaries in the College of Natural Sciences.

One of the strange things about being a university professor is that you meet wonderful people and often form good friendships, then those people graduate and you may or may not hear from them. We invite all of our former undergraduates and graduates to get in touch. Send us email, or even stop by if you happen to be in Colorado.