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photo of Dr. WhitleyWelcome to the Spring/Summer 2005 Ram Bytes newsletter. The newsletter has a new format that permits greater content flexibility and color graphics. We hope you enjoy it!  more...

New Faculty
photo of Dr. Ben-HurDr. Asa Ben-Hur joined the department in August as an  Assistant Professor.  He recently completed  postdoctoral work in the Department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington.  His research focuses on bioinformatics and machine learning.
photo of Dr. StroutDr. Michelle Strout joined the department in July as an Assistant Professor.  She recently completed a joint appointment as an Enrico Fermi scholar at the Argonne National Laboratory and a research associate at the University of Chicago.  Her research focuses on compilers, domain-specific and dynamic program analysis, and parallel computing.

road sign photo

Dr. Robert France was promoted to Professor effective July 1.

Elaine Regelson has been named the departement's Director of Mentoring and Retention.

Dr. Roger Alexander has accepted a postion at Washington State University. He will continue his research collaboration with the department and remain on staff as an affiliate faculty member.

Susan Short has moved to Abbotsford, British Columbia.

Darrell Whitley, Intelligent Agents for Severe Weather Tracking, Raytheon.

 Daniel MasseyDNS Security Revisited:  Enabling Cryptographic Defenses in Large-Scale Distributed Systems, NSF-CISE.

Sudip Chakraborty
Robert T. DeMaria
Dae Gon Kim
Joseph D. Overby
Jeffrey P. Pontius
Nayot Poolsappasit
Daniel A. Rouleau
Sellappa Saravanan
Justin B. Smethie
Eunjee Song
Gary L. Tempus
Xinhang Ye


Daniel F. Massey

photo of ER1 robot
Robot Club

The CSU Robot Club is a group of interested students and mentors who gather once a week to try projects with robots. Students work in groups to write new applications or demos and to try experiments. Past projects have included working with whole robots and with some of the parts that comprise the robot (such as speech generation or the camera).

Effective Fall 2005, we offer a new major in Applied Computing Technology (ACT).  The first two years of the ACT degree program are the same as the traditional CS degree, but the last two years allow students to focus on applying computer science to another discipline.  Initially, we're offering the ACT degree in Computing Technology and Computing Education, but we anticipate additional concentrations in this attractive program.  More information about the ACT degree is available here.

symposium floor
Research Symposium

Our first Graduate Research Symposium was a big success!  The symposium was held April 18 in Ammons Hall and featured over 45 graduate student posters highlighting the department's research activities.  The symposium welcomed visitors from both the university and industry.  Poster award winners were:

Ph.D. (tie):

1. Gautam Gupta
2. Monte Lunacek and James Knight
Eric Gaylon
Runner-up Masters: Ben Randall
Student Choice:
Fadi Wedyan, Aby Paul, and Adedeji Adewale

Spring/Summer 2005

Master of Science
Ali A. Al-Saloom
Elizabeth S. Boese
Lin Jiang
Vamsi K. Kambhampati
Ashwinikumar S. Kurup
Albert C. Lionelle
Aditya K. Maroo
Benjamin J. Randall
Roopashree P. Shankar
Xinhang Ye

Master of Computer Science
Christopher C. Alfonso
Anil Chandupattla
Ketan A. Durve
Timothy M. Fluharty
Jeffery B. Fowler
Lawrence S. Hudson
David L. Janovy
Kristopher R. Johnson
Clifford T. Jones
Hari S. Khalsa
Prabhu S. Khalsa
Hsu-Cheng Lin
George M. G. Mitry
Paul R. Miyasaki
Vladislav Y. Orzhekhovsky
Michael J. Russell
Ranjan Saikia
Sivan I. Segev
Patrick S. Smith
Xiuping Wang

Some Computer Science courses now require students
to pay a supplemental tuition charge.  CSU assesses supplemental tuition on a per credit hour basis for undergraduate students enrolled in upper division courses and/or courses in certain high cost and/or high demand programs. One of the things our department is doing with that money is hiring additional faculty.  We're doing another search this year and hope to have 19-20 tenure track faculty by next year. Bioinformatics is an area we'd like to expand.  For more information on supplemental tuition, please visit the Registrar's Office.

Plans for the construction of our  new building are approaching final  approval.  If all goes as planned, our new building should be ready by summer 2008.  We're excited about moving "on" campus at last!

photo of Dr. Bohm
Dr. Wim Bohm
2005 College of Natural Sciences Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Dr. Bohm received one of two 2005 College of Natural Sciences
Undergraduate Teaching Awards.   He has taught across much of the CS curriculum and has developed a new undergraduate class in Embedded Systems:  small scale computer systems that are components in large systems ranging from cell phones to
SLS 2005 Outstanding
Science Students

Weston Pace:  Outstanding Up-and-Coming Researcher

Steven DiBenedetto and Libby Johnson:  110% Effort Award

Jason Remington:  Outstanding Computer Science Student

Jeff Pontius:  Excellence in Academics and Research

Chris Rogers:  3C's Award:  Commendable Creativity in the Cross Disciplines.

The Students as Leaders in Science (SLS) organization provides undergraduate students with academic excellence and leadership opportunities to excel in the field of science.  Students are nominated by College of Natural Sciences professors and researchers.

photo of Linda VanCeylonLinda VanCeylon joined the department in July as our new Accounting Tech.
photo of Katie AlbrightKatie Albright is our new student staff assistant. She is from Wisconsin and majors in Human Development and Family Studies.
Photo of Trista YardTrista Yard is our  new student staff assistant.  Trista is from Wyoming and majors in Art History.

Want to know what other CS alumni are doing now? Ram Bytes will publish any requested alumni updates in this section.  Please e-mail your information to: newsletter@cs.colostate.edu

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