Reliability of Basic and Ultra-reliable Software sysTem
An Integrated Software Reliability Tool

Careful management of development resources is important to producing reliable software. ROBUST is an integrated tool intended to help managers make intelligent decisions about the reliability of software being developed, and to assist researchers in further investigating software reliability. ROBUST allows users to model data using traditional SRGMs or Malaiya et al's coverage based model, and supports numerous enhancement techniques to make these models more accurate. Because reliability estimates and models often have to be made before testing starts or has accumulated enough failure data for accurate results, ROBUST also supports the use of static methods for early defect density estimation.

Here you can find copies of the papers discussing the research which underlies ROBUST, browse the user manual, and download copies of the program. Because ROBUST is an active piece of research, we like to keep track of those who are using it and what they think of it. Take a look at the features page and the manual, and if you are still interested send mail to Jason Denton letting us know of your interest in ROBUST. We will get back to you with the password for the download area.