Pictures from the Charter Installation Ceremony

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Dale Grit and James Comer

Chuck Anderson signing the Members' book

Epsilon (Chuck), Pi (Jolene), Upsilon (Sudipto) and James Comer

Receiving the certificate and key

Jean-Luc Romano signing the Member's book

Mi-Sook Kim receiving the certificate and key

Active members congratulating inductees

Charter Installation

Sudipto Ghosh and James Comer

Receiving the charter Certificate

Receiving the charter Certificate


Upsilon (Sudipto), Epsilon (Chuck), Chair (Dale Grit), UPE Rep (James Comer), Pi (Jolene)


Students - 1

Students - 2


Food table - 1

Food table - 2

Carol Calliham

Carolyn and students

The Crawfords

Sharon Van Gorder

Susan Short

Wim Bohm and Susan Short

Robert France, Dale Grit and others

HJ Siegel and Wim Bohm

HJ Siegel and Wim Bohm

Lakshmi and Conrad

Sudipto Ghosh, Sanjay Rajopadhye, James Comer, Yashwant Malaiya

Russel Kerschner and other guests

Shelley McAfee, guest, and Jolene Williamson


Jean-Luc Romano, Mom

Stewart and Vlad

HJ Siegel

Students and guests