Meeting Minutes 9/11/15


  • Hackathons
    1. Women’s Event: HackerRank
    2. CU Hackathon: Oct 10
  • ACM + ACMW
    1. Think about combining events from both clubs
  • Tutoring Groups
    1. Environment where female students do the tutoring
      1. Work on programming assignments
      2. Tutor classes based on need
  • Epic
    1. Contacted Sarah to plug company
      1. We will allow them to plug company as long as they do a workshop
      2. Resume or technical workshop?
  • Officer Meeting
    1. 5:30 on Mondays
  • Theresa Wellington (from Google)
    1. Would like to give a tech talk to our group
      1. Q & A
      2. Cardboard workshop
      3. Resume and technical interview workshop
  • Rocky Mountain/Rocky Canyon HS
    1. We should talk about the transition from high school to college
      2. Things to help high school students get involved in STEM

Meeting Minutes 8/21/15


  • We want to have a booth for club day, so that our club can gain exposure
    1. Goto CS160 classes to recruit
    2. Send out mailing list
    3. Advertise for ACM-W on monitor in computer science lobby

Meeting Times

  • Determine weekly meeting times
    1. Doodle poll is posted
  • Third week of classes will be our first scheduled meeting


  • Meeting minutes will be posted in our Dropbox folder by Chris Dean
  • TJ will make slides that will be posted on the monitor downstairs
  • We need to get in contact with Debbie Bartlett to discuss a possible presentation
    1. Get money for food
    2. Speak with Sharron to reserve our room
  • Think about fundraising opportunities to raise money
    1. Donations
      • Dean of College of Natural Sciences
      • Chris Wilcox
      • Adele Howe
    2. Taking advantage of RamRide


  • Get involved with local high schools
  • Start a tutoring program
  • MST Day (scratch programming)