The Association for Computing Machinery is the world’s largest computing society. ACM is international, but this is Colorado State University’s student chapter.

But, what do you do?

We coordinate and plan instructional labs to teach you a new language or tool, industry guest speakers and career networking opportunities, prepare you for and attend hackathons, run coding competitions, and work to build and sustain a community to be a part of in what can often feel like an isolating field of study.

One cool example is how we run a side-project initiative to get students networking with each other and working on projects to bolster their resumes, have fun, and hopefully make something cool! We do not claim to own any part of the project, we just want to give you a place to find cool people to work with/get help.

What have you done in the past?

This year will be different and with a focus on being much more interactive and beneficial to the students! However, in the past we have hosted Google engineers every semester, had local companies like HP come and talk/recruit, held programming competitions where we gave away prizes, and much more!

Still giving out free pizza to members?

Of course! It's tradition now.

How much does it cost to become a member?

First three meetings are free. Membership dues are $10 for the year. It helps support cool projects, prizes, and of course pizza.

What about ACM-W?

ACM and ACM-W are two separate chapters, but we work very closely together. We hold joint meetings and work with each other to provide students with the best possible support.

ACM-W focuses on providing a welcoming environment that encourages diversity and is more intimate. Go to both meetings!

Is ACM-W just for--

ACM is NOT just for men and ACM-W is NOT just for women. Please attend both.

When, Where, Who, What?

Computer Science Building, room 130. Wednesday nights.
Events run from 6:00pm - 8:00pm on average.
We hold office hours where an officer will be present to help tutor, help with a side project, and have the room reserved until 9:00 for members to use.
Pizza is served most meetings (with non-meat pizzas for non-carnivores), soda, and cups for water.
You can meet the officers here