December 20: Everyone, please remember to fill out the course survey on-line on RamCT. Happy Holidays!!

December 11: Added “reinforcement learning” to list of topics for final exam.

December 9: List of Final Exam topics is now available at the end of the Schedule page.

December 6: Summer Internships in Boulder

December 5: The minimum page count of 5 pages for final reports is for single-spaced text, and does not include figures.

December 3: Student course survey forms are available on-line in RamCT. On-campus students, please complete two forms, the first one for Chuck Anderson and the second one for Mike Hamilton, even though both list the instructor as Anderson. Hamilton's survey starts with “ALSO, please fill out….”. Distance-learning students just have one survey to complete, for Anderson. These must be completed by December 20th. Most valuable to the instructors are any notes you care to type into the text boxes.

November 27: Here are some videos of project presentations from a previous year. This is an mkv file.

September 19: Here is a recent article about how AI has affected the world, titled How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Our Lives

August 20: Check out Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing, a local conference held this fall. You can submit and/or attend!

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