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 This page will contain links to helpful on-line material. This page will contain links to helpful on-line material.
 +===== Jobs in Machine Learning =====
 +[[https://​​search?​q=jobs+machine+learning+deep+learning&​oq=jobs+machine+learning+deep+learning&​aqs=chrome..69i57.4854j0j4&​sourceid=chrome&​ie=UTF-8&​ibp=htl;​jobs&​sa=X&​ved=0ahUKEwjSgrHjm7jZAhWH5oMKHVCFDtIQiYsCCC4oAA#​fpstate=tldetail&​htidocid=8goL71ReXwLp29yxAAAAAA%3D%3D&​htivrt=jobs|ML jobs, a few near Fort Collins]]
 ===== Recent News ===== ===== Recent News =====
-[[http://​​issues/​deep-learning-weekly-issue-72-efficient-ml-learning-rates-detectron-mobilenets-v2-deepleague-faster-r-cnns-and-more-92658|Deep Learning Weekly]] newsletter 
 +[[https://​​2018/​5/​7/​17316010/​fast-ai-speed-test-stanford-dawnbench-google-intel|An AI speed test shows clever coders can still beat tech giants like Google and Intel]], by James Vincent, May 7, 2018
-[[http://​​artificial-intelligence/​|The State of Artificial Intelligence in 15 Visuals]] 
-[[​conference/​2016|March 14: last day to register for Data Science conference in Boulder]]+[[|Deep Learning Weekly]] newsletter
-[[http://​​challenge/​|Pill Image Recognition Challenge]] 
-[[​2016-us-election/|2016 US Elections]]+[[|The State of Artificial Intelligence in 15 Visuals]]
-[[ +[[|2016 US Elections]]
-|Google AI Begins Battle with Humanity'​s Best Go Player Tonight]]+
 [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​ml-news|Machine Learning News google group]] [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​ml-news|Machine Learning News google group]]
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