Sun provides useful resources for working with Java. Most important:

Also see their set of coding guidelines.


The Computer Science Department maintains useful general help for students new to using Unix

Using checkin

1) "cd" into the directory that contains the files that you are going to submit. If you do not know how to do this, then visit the Unix help page above. Unless you have told eclipse otherwise, your java files will be in the directory ~/workspace/ProjectName/

2) Type the following command: "~cs161/bin/checkin HWX" where is the name of the file you wish to submit and X is the assignment number. Note that if you are submitting work that you have done in a recitation, HWX will become RXEY where X is the number associated with your recitation period (1 = Wed @ 5, 2 = Th @ 1, 3 = Th @ 5, 4 = Fri @ 12, 5 = Fri @ 2) and Y is the week number or the yth recitation.