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Due date: 9/14 by 10 am

Sample tab delimited, gff, and fastq files are available from the sample data page on the website. Be sure to test your code before submitting your answers on canvas.

example Write a tr command to complement a DNA sequence. Answer: tr ACGT TGCA input_file >output_file

1. Write a tr command to convert a tab delimited file to a comma delimited file (csv).

2. Write a sed command to replace every occurrence of the word line with the word entry.

3. Write an awk command to extract the chromosome number (1 column) and genomic start and end coordinates (2 columns) from a gff file. Separate the chromosome from the coordinates by a colon and the start and end coordinates by a single dash (e.g. I:123-729 - a common way to display coordinates).

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