CS657: Class Presentations

Each student will be required to give multiple 30 minute talks on a particular topic chosen after consultation with the instructor.

Here is generally how it will work:

  • You will pick a topic to give a presentation in class. You will present ONE paper in depth.
  • Your talks will generally be during the class lecture. Say your talk is on week X.
  • You will go off and find more related readings. A week before your presentation (week X-1) you will send me a list of papers from where you will draw additional material for your talk.
  • By Sunday of the previous week (i.e. the Sunday of week X), you will send me your slides.
  • I may ask you to come in on Monday of week X with your presentation. We will go over it together. I may suggest modifications etc. which you will have to incorporate before the class.
  • During your talk, I will hold you to a strict 30 minutes, with 5-10 minutes for questions after the presentation (so other students will have a chance to ask questions).
  • I will grade you based on your talk. In general, I will be grading you on presentation, understanding of the material and te quality of your slides.
  • Do not steal slides from the Web! You may use some material (e.g. pictures) but you should acknowledge the source in your slides (e.g. in a footnote).
  • Remember, in preparing your presentations for this class use examples often and effectively. Use as many pictures as possible and avoid slides with dense text.
  • You shouldn't need more than about 20 slides. They will be roughly divided as follows:
    • 2-4 slides for introducing the problem, motivation and background. This is very important!
    • 10-14 slides describing the work in depth.
    • 2 slides comparing and contrasting with related work.
    • 1-2 slides on future directions of the area.
    • 1 slide for conclusions.

Presentation Resources

You should rehearse your talk at least once. Here is a list of other advice on the presentations.

Presentation Topics


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