CS110 Information

Phil Sharp

CSB Room 248


Office Hours:
Wednesday 11:00 - 1:00

Lecture: Johnson Hall, Room 222
Section 1 M/W 11:00-11:50am
Section 2 M/W 12:00-12:50am

Labs: CSB 110
Lab is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
TA Hours Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
Phone: 970-491-0615

Weekly Lessons

Each week, students are required to perform a differing set of activities. A description of each week's activities can be found in CANVAS, under the Modules tab. These activities include:

Meeting days

This class is scheduled to meet Mondays and Wednesdays, however we have found students learn better doing hands-on activities. During Week 1 there will be lecture on Wednesday, Week 2 on Monday and Wednesday, and for Week 3 and the rest of the semester lectures will only be on Mondays. Labs will always meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

After the first two weeks, we will only meet for Class Lectures on Mondays. On the corresponding Wednesdays each student will be responsible for a specific set of activities defined in the lecture on Monday. These activities are identified on the schedule tab on the website and in the weekly lessons in Canvas. Each week, the activities will be reviewed in the Class Lecture on Monday.



The Lecture portion of CS110 is made up of:

The Lecture Exams will specifically cover the material from the Class Lectures and homework assignments.

Each Class Lecture introduces or continues a topic. Specific topics for each week can be found on the schedule tab and in CANVAS.

Format of the Class Lectures

Each Class Lecture will take the form of:


Lab Sessions

Each student is assigned two Lab Sessions per week (one on Tuesday and one Thursday). These Lab Sessions are held in classroom 110 in the Computer Science building.

Each Lab Session, you will be responsible for a specific Lab Assignment or Lab Exam.

During each Lab Session, Teaching Assistants will be available to assist students with Lab Assignments, Class Projects, etc.

Lab Assignments

Each Lab Assignment consists of a training and an exercise. All of the Lab Assignments are performed in the SIMnet simulator software. You have access to this simulator when you sign up for the class (See the Textbook tab for information on how to opt out).

Lab Assignment Training

Each lab assignment has a training that teaches the student the fundamental topics and ideas necessary for that assignment. These trainings may be taken as many times as you want (only the highest score will be kept). These trainings may be done in the CS110 lab during your lab session and/or may also be done at home beforehand.

Lab Assignment Exercise

Each lab assignment also has an exercise that requires the student to display the ability to use the knowledge gathered in the training. These exercises may only be done once and must be done in the CS110 lab during your assigned lab session.

First week

Students will register their SIMnet software during the first week of labs. Be SURE to follow the instructions for the intial setup lab, as those instructions guarantee you are in the right class and your grades can transfer from SIMnet to CANVAS without issue.