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CS 150 - Fall 2017

Lab 1 - Eclipse and Java Introduction

Monday, August 21, 2017

Objectives of this Lab

  1. Register for your zyBooks account
  2. Get Eclipse set up and running on your Linux account
  3. Write a very simple Java program
  4. Show you how to submit your programs to the Checkin tab
  5. And learn about preliminary (and final) testing

Logging In to CS Computers

Changing your Password on CS Computers

Register your zyBooks account

For those who have not already created a zyBooks account, we will do so first in this lab. The subscription for this class is $48 and will last until December 29, 2017.

Using Eclipse

For the remainder of the lab, please use the Linux system, if provided. Your TA will help with any problems you encounter.

Starting the Assignment

Your TA will guide you in creating a project called P1 and class for starting the first week assignment.

Submit your program

Your TA will now walk through logging in to the course website, submitting your code, and viewing preliminary test results. You should pass the first preliminary test. Read the assignment for P1. Now see if you can add another print statement and pass a second test. For detailed information on Eclipse, check out the Eclipse website. The website that allows you to submit progams and get them automatically graded. The TA will show you how to check the results of your preliminary and final testing, and how to retrieve your code from the Checkin tab.


Log into Canvas and answer the first question of the quiz. Raise your hand and show the TA your successful submittal in Checkin.
Submit P1.java to Checkin

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