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CS 150 - Spring 2018

Lab 1 - Computer Setup, zyBooks, and Course Introduction

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Objectives of this Lab

  1. Log in to department computers, and
  2. using the terminal, change your department password, next
  3. register for your zyBooks account, then
  4. practice using the tools in zyBooks, and lastly
  5. review the course website and the Piazza discussion board.

Logging In to CS Computers

Changing your Password on CS Computers

Register your zyBooks account

For those who have not already created a zyBooks account, we will do so first in this lab. The subscription for this class is $48 and will last until June 13, 2018. However, the first chapter is not due until January 28; so if you are not sure you will remain in this class you can sign up at a later time. Additionally, zyBooks does offer the first chapter of their textbooks for free, but you will still need to create an account. Reference these instructions when you do so.

Using the Class Website and Piazza

With computer science classes, almost all the action happens on the respective class website rather than in Canvas. You can access the website through this link or simply search "csu cs 150". Your TA will quickly review the information available to you on this website. Next, your TA will discuss using the class Piazza discussion board. Please use Piazza for most of your questions related to this class. This includes questions about class logistics, assignment clarifications, and general topic questions from the material. Reserve email for private concerns, such as personal emergencies.

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