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CS 150 - Spring 2018

Lab 2 - Java Introduction and the Start of P1

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Objectives of this Lab

  1. Get Eclipse set up and running on your Linux account, and
  2. write a very simple Java program, followed by
  3. practice submitting your program to Checkin, and lastly
  4. learn about preliminary (and final) testing.

Using Eclipse

Starting the Assignment

Your TA will guide you in creating a project called P1 and class to begin the first programming assignment.

Submitting Your Program

Your TA will now walk through logging in to the course website, submitting your code, and viewing preliminary test results. Checkin is the website that allows you to submit programs and get them automatically graded. You should pass the first preliminary test. The TA will show you how to check the results of your preliminary and final testing, and how to retrieve your code from the Checkin tab. Read the assignment for P1. Now see if you can add another print statement and pass a second test. For detailed information on Eclipse, check out the Eclipse website.

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