Colorado State University

CS160: Foundations in Programming: Spring 2015

Recitation R0 - Introduction to Programming

The goals of this lab are as follows:

Logging In

  1. Login to the machine using your electronic ID (same username that you use for RamWeb).
  2. The initial password should be your student ID (same as nine digit number on your RamCard).
  3. The teaching assistant will show you how to change your password.

Class Website

  1. Start your preferred internet browser and type in the url
  2. Note the semester that appears as part of the url!
  3. Look at the syllabus and progress pages.
  4. Find the lab instructions for today.
  5. Open another tab and type in the url
  6. Login on RamCT using your EID and password and make sure you can see CS160.

Launching Applications

  1. Your TA will show you how to launch applications and add them to the task bar.
  2. Select "Activities" in the upper left corner of the screen, then select "Applications"
  3. Run firefox, gedit, file manager, and a terminal.
  4. The terminal command brings up a window where you can type in Linux commands
  5. Note: this is similar to using the DOS command prompt on Windows.
  6. Use the passwd command to change your password.
  7. We recommend changing it to your RamWeb/RamCT password, if possible.

Using Eclipse

Eclipse makes programming easier by compiling and running your programs in a single step. Your TA will go over setting up Eclipse and your workspace.

Starting Assignment

Your TA will guide you in creating a project called P1 and class for starting the P1.

Submit your program

Your TA will now walk through logging in to the course website, submitting your code, and viewing preliminary test results. You should pass the first two preliminary tests. Read the assignment for P1 here. Now see if you can add another print statement and pass a third test. There is no grading for this recitation!
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