This page lists the material and assignments for each week in the semester. We update the contents on at least a weekly basis. For the past weeks, it is a record of what we have done. For the current week, watch out for updates and changes.

Week 7 : Aug. 1 – Aug. 4
Lectures Practice Exam and Solution
Math and Java Review Slides
Study Session
Recitations Practice quiz and hackerrank
Final Quiz
Week 7 : Jul. 25 – Jul. 28
Lectures Classes Data and Static
Miscellaneous Java
Program Verification
Interpretation Worksheet and Answers
Recitations R12: Testing and Debugging
R13: Fraction Class and Program Verification
Assignments P8: Terriers and Squirrels
Online Proof Techniques reading quiz in Canvas (due July 31st)
iClicker Peer Instruction 8: Classes and Objects (in class July 27th)
Reading Rosen - Section 5.5
Week 6 : Jul. 18 – Jul. 21
Lectures 2D Arrays and Tic Tac Toe Program
2D Arrays
Proof Techniques
Work on Homework 2
Lecture Worksheets Proofs
Recitations R10: Image Manipulation
R11: Music Library
Assignments P7: Image Manipulation (due July 25th)
Homework 2: Proofs and Predicate Logic (due July 26th)
Online Predicate Logic reading quiz in Canvas (due July 24th)
iClicker Peer Instruction 7: 2D Arrays (in-class July 19)
Reading Savitch – Sections 7.1 7.2 – pages 491-527
Rosen – Sections 1.7 1.8 – pp. 80-114
Week 5 : Jul. 11 – Jul. 14
Lectures Review Midterm
File I/O
Predicate Logic
Lecture Worksheets Arrays - Predicate Logic
Recitations R8: Arrays
R9: File I/O
Assignments P6: Pseudo Strings Program (due July 17th)
Online Rules of Inferences reading quiz in Canvas (due July 17th)
iClicker Peer Instruction 5: Arrays (in-class July 12)
Peer Instruction 6: File I/O (in-class July 14)
Reading Savitch – Sections 7.1 7.2 – pages 491-527
Savitch – Sections 10.1 10.2 10.3 – pages 739-764
Rosen – Sections 1.4
Week 4 : Jul. 5 – Jul. 7
Lectures Introduction to Arrays
Midterm Review
Recitations R6: Boolean logic and Midterm Prep
Midterm Programming Quiz Set Up
Week 3 : Jun. 28 – Jun. 30
Lectures L07: Propositional Logic
L08: Inference Rules and L08B: Introduction to the Maze Program
L09: Methods and Data
L10: Program Debugging
Lecture Worksheets Truth Tables and Answers
Inference Rules and Equivalences and Answers
A list of Logical Equivalences and Inference Rules is found here.
Recitations R4: Scanners Sets and Functions
R5: Methods and Data
Assignments P5: Maze Program (due July 4th)
Homework 1: Inference Rule Proofs (due July 5th)
Online Propositional Logic reading quiz in Canvas (due July 3rd)
iClicker Peer Instruction 4: Rules of Inference (in-class June 30)
Reading Rosen – Sections 1.1 through 1.4
Savitch - Sections 5.1 – pages 267-299
Week 2 : Jun. 20 – Jun. 24
Lectures L03: Flow Of Control
L04: Sets
L05: Control Loops
L06: Functions
Lecture Worksheets Conditional Logic Worksheet and Answers
Loop Worksheet and Answers
Recitations R2: Conditional Logic
R3: Control Loops
Programs Switch Statements
Simple Conditionals
Control Loops
Assignments P3: Tax Calculation (due June 24)
P4: Control Loops (due June 27)
Online Sets and Functions reading quiz in Canvas (due June 25)
iClicker Peer Instruction 2: Flow of Control (in-class June 21)
Peer Instruction 3: Control Loops (in-class June 23)
Reading Rosen - Sections 2.1 through 2.3 - pages 115-155
Savitch - Sections 3.1 through 3.3 - pages 139-180
Savitch - Section 4.1 - pages 199-225
Week 1 : Jun. 13 – Jun. 17
Lectures L01A: Introduction and Course Info
L01B: First Java Program
L01C: Computer Basics
L02: Variables and Expressions
Lecture Worksheets Primitive Worksheet and Answers
String Worksheet and Answers
Scanner Worksheet and Answers
Printf Worksheet and Answers
Recitations R0: Introduction to Programming and Linux Operating System
R1: Variables Data Types and Expressions
Programs Hello World
Simple Math
Simple String
Assignments P1: Numbers and Strings (due June 16)
P2: Grade Calculator (due June 20)
iClicker Practice Quiz: Not Graded (in-class June 14)
Peer Instruction 1: Variables and Output (in-class June 16)
Reading Savitch – Sections 1.1 1.2 1.3 – pages 1-28
Savitch – Sections 2.1 2.2 2.3 – pages 47-102