Class activities will be recorded here.

Week 15 : 5 Dec - 9 Dec
Lectures No Lecture
Assignments Download python script test and input file infile; study these; then take the final quiz on Canvas (due Sunday Dec 11)
Week 14 : 28 Nov - 1 Dec
Lectures High Speed Computing
Recitations Team Project
Week 13 : 14 Nov - 17 Nov
Lectures Learning
Recitations Team Project
Assignments Career Reflection due Dec 1
Week 12 : 7 Nov - 10 Nov
Lectures Team Project
Recitations Team Project - you have three weeks for this final project
Week 11 : 31 Oct - 3 Nov
Lectures Types in python and in Java; types.txt python code - make it to run
Recitations finish Python Lab #3
Assignments Python Lab #3 (graphing and plotting) due in recitation.
Week 10 : 24 Oct - 27 Oct
Lectures Guest lecture by Prof. Shrideep Pallickara on Big Data and the Cloud
Recitations Python Lab #3
Assignments Python Lab #3 (graphing and plotting) due next week.
Week 9 : 17 Oct - 20 Oct
Lectures More Python: bfs.txt python code - make it to run; Prerequisites sheet; CS prerequisites; CS and Math prerequisites
Recitations Finish your schedule plan
Assignments Print a copy of your finished schedule plan and hand it to your TA in this week's recitation.
Week 8 : 10 Oct - 13 Oct
Lectures Guest lecture by Debbie Bartlett and James Peterson: Schedule Planning
HCC checksheet; CT checksheet; CS checksheet; prereq review; not a CS/ACT major?
Recitations Finish your web pages; start with your schedule plan
Assignments Fill out your schedule plan; print a copy and hand it to your TA. Due in recitation Week 9.
Week 7 : 3 Oct - 6 Oct
Lectures Software fiascos
Recitations Python Lab #2 (Due Friday 7 October)
Assignments Research a software fiasco and answer the questions in Canvas. Due Friday 7 October at midnight.
Week 6 : 26 Sep - 30 Sep
Lectures Python: Getting started
Recitations Continue working on your websites
Python Lab #1 (Due Friday 30 September)
Assignments Your web pages are due Friday 14 October
Week 5 : 19 Sep - 22 Sep
Lectures Guest speaker from Industry
Recitations HTML Lab and CSS Labs
Assignments Take the midterm quiz on Canvas (Due Sunday 25 September)
Career Fair (Due Friday 30 September)
You may attend the All Campus Career Fair on 21 September or the Engineering Career Fair on 29 September.
Week 4 : 12 Sep - 15 Sep
Lectures Guest speaker prof Bruce Draper on Computer Vision
Recitations HTML Lab and CSS Labs
Assignments Degree Planning (Due Friday 16 September at midnight)
Week 3 : 5 Sep - 8 Sep (Labor Day Holiday on Monday)
Lectures Labor day No lecture this week!
Recitations Linux Lab #2 (Due Friday 9 September)
Assignments Assessment: Career Personality (Due Monday 12 September at midnight)
Week 2 : 29 Aug - 1 Sep
Lectures Careers in IT
Pathways in Computer Science
Check out: Career Options
Recitations Help with career websites and Linux Lab #1
O*NET Career Website
Website Example
Website Example #2
Website Example #3
Assignments "Complete the Canvas quiz ??"" Career Lecture Quiz (due 2 September by midnight)"
Week 1 : 22 Aug - 25 Aug
Lectures Introduction; Course Objectives
Anybody can learn to code
A Day Made of Glass
Recitations Account Setup; Linux; Web Pages; Linux file system and basic commands
A nice Linux tutorial; start exploring Modules 3 and 4
Another nice Linux tutorial
Linux Lab #1 Tutorial (Due Friday 26 Aug at midnight)
Assignments Assignments 1: Questionnaire (Due Monday 29 August at the beginning of class)