This course presents a bottom-up introduction to computer architecture, beginning with digital gates and number representation; building up through the Von Neumann model, Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and assembly language; and ending with C programs interacting with assembly programs. Most of the concepts in this course will be reinforced through programming assignments in C. In CS 270 students write a number of C programs to learn concepts by programming them and to build confidence in the C programming language, which is an important language used frequently in industry and systems research. There will be at least one deliverable a week.


Chris Wilcox
Office: COMSC 256
Office Hours: Thu. 11:00am-noon, Fri. 11:00am-noon
Lecture: 12:30-1:45pm, TH, ENGRG 100
Rahul Dutta
Arefin Shimon

Sep. 2 (Chris) PA1 is graded and posted on RamCT and the Checkin page.

Aug. 29 (Chris) The first homework will be available on RamCT on Sep. 1 at 8:00am.

Aug. 22 (Chris) This website is now current for Fall 2014, welcome to the class!