P1: GitHub and Team Formation
20 points


This assignment must be done individually by each student. There are two parts, each worth 10 points. The description of each part is provided below. Note that the modes of submission for each part is different. Moreover, there are two different deadlines.

CS314 projects will be team-based. GitHub supports revision and source code control as well as a code review system in a collaborative environment. The CS314 staff will set up a private GitHub repository for each team.

Part a: Creation of GitHub Accounts and Teams (10 points)

Deadline: Friday, Aug 26, 11:59 PM on Canvas via P1a


  1. Go to the GitHub webpage (https://github.com/) and create a GitHub account for yourself. If you already have one, feel free to use it for the course.
  2. Submit your GitHub account ID in Canvas via assignment P1a.
  3. Find two other students who are willing to form a team with you.
  4. Submit the names of your teammates in Canvas via the same assignment P1a. If you cannot create a team by yourself, please make a note in your submission. The staff will assign you to a team.

Part b: Accept GitHub Invitation (10 points)

Due Wednesday, Aug 31, 11:59 PM, via GitHub

  1. You will receive an email invitation from GitHub when the staff creates a repository for your team and adds your GitHub ID to the team repository. Expect this email by Monday, August 29. Since the invitation will go only to the email associated with your GitHub account, be sure to check this email.
  2. Accept the invitatation to be able to access your team repository. Note that you won't be able to participate in the design studio planned on Sep 2 if you don't have access to the repository.
The scores for this part will be available later in Canvas under the column P1b.