Welcome to the undergraduate course on Systems Security. The course is open to computer science, advanced technology, mathematics, and engineering students. Starting for students entering in Fall 2010 or later, the course is required for all undergraduates in computer science.

As all of you probably realize, information is an important strategic and operational corporate asset. These days computers and computer networks, are increasingly being used for storing and retrieving information; consequently they need to have adequate security measures that can safeguard sensitive information from prying eyes.  In this course, we will explore some of the security measures that can be employed to safeguard systems and the information contained therein. During this course you will be learning about many different security tools and techniques some of which can also be used to circumvent or subvert network security measures.

Doing so in our production environment will be grounds for failure in the class.


Section 001
Instructor: Dr. Joseph Gersch
Office: COMSC 464
Office Hours: T/R 1-2
Lecture: 2:00-3:15 T/R, Chem A103 (note, not in the CS Bldg)

GTA: Avinash Konduru
Office Hours: Mon 8-9AM, Fri8-9AM, CS120

GTA: Akash Darak
Office Hours: Mon 10-12AM, Fri 9-11AM, CS120

UTA: Benjamin Goodwin
Office Hours: Wed 4-6PM, CS120

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