CS370 Information

Yashwant K. Malaiya
Office: CSB Room 240
Office Hours: W, Th 2:30-3:30
malaiya @ cs.colostate.edu

Office: CSB Room 120
Ibrahim Lazrig
Office Hours: Tu, W 2-3, Th 9-11AM
lazrig @ cs.colostate.edu
Pratyusha Reddy
Office Hours: M 9-10, W 11-12 Noon
dpratyu @ cs.colostate.edu

Lecture: Eng 120
10-10:50 AM

Course Goals

CS370 is a core undergraduate course taken by junior undergraduate students. The objective of this course is to understand the broad range of issues that underlie modern Operating Systems. We focus on key concepts and algorithms that are used in both commercial and open-source operating systems.


The official prerequisites are: CS 200: Algorithms and Data Structures and CS 270: Computer Organization or ECE 251:Introduction to Microprocessors
with a grade of C or better   (Strictly enforced)

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to understand and/or handle the following Operating System concepts:

  • Operating System structures and terminology
  • Processes and Threads
  • CPU Scheduling
  • Process Synchronization and Deadlocks
  • Memory Management
  • File System and Storage Management
  • Advanced concepts (if time allows): Virtualization

Evolution of Unix-like Operating systems