CS370: Operating Systems
[Fall 2017]

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The weights associated with different elements of the course are listed below.

Course Element Weight
Assignments (programming/written) 25%
Quizzes 15%
Mid Term Th Oct 5 20%
Project 15%
Final Tu Dec 12 6:20-8:20PM 25%

Letter grades will be based on the following standard breakpoints: >= 90 is an A, >= 88 is an A-, >=86 is a B+, >=80 is a B, >=78 is a B-, >=76 is a C+, >=70 is a C, >=60 is a D, and <60 is an F. I will not cut higher than this, but I may cut lower.

Track Canvas and the schedule page of the course website daily. The schedule page includes a time-stamp of when it was last updated. Make sure that you refresh this page.
Ensure that you complete the reading and programming assignments

Policies for Makeup exams and Late Submissions:
The dates for all exams, excluding quizzes, will be announced. All exams (quizzes, midterm and the comprehensive Final) will be held in the same classroom as regular lectures. There will be no make-up exams for missed quizzes, mid-term, and finals. If you have an officially required university event or family or medical emergency that prevents you from attending the midterm, or the final, let me know as soon as possible and provide documentation to reschedule.

There will be about 14 quizzes; 2 quizzes where you had your lowest scores will be dropped. You must be in the class for the full lecture for any possible in-class quizzes

All assignments are due at 5:00 PM on the due date. There is a late penalty of 10% per-day for up to a maximum of 2 days. Submissions are automatically disabled 48 hours after assignments are due -- if you have not submitted the assignment by then, you will receive an automatic zero. All assignments will be posted about 2 weeks prior to its due date. We will have a mix of both written and programming assignments. All assignments will be posted on the assignments page. All assignments should be submitted using the Canvas.

All students are expected to be familiar with the policies in the department's student information sheet available here.

This course will adhere to the CSU Academic Integrity Policy as found in the General Catalog and the Student Conduct Code. At a minimum, violations will result in a grading penalty in this course and a report to the Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services.



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