CS 430: Database Management Systems

Due Date - 11:59PM Sunday Jan 28th
End of Late Period - 11:59PM Tuesday Jan 30th

Homework Assignment 1

    Chapter 1

  1. (10 points) Describe the difference between a Data Definition Language (DDL) and a Data Manipulation Language (DML).

  2. (10 points) Identify and define three levels of data abstraction.

  3. (10 points) What is the storage manager in a DBMS? What are its components?

  4. (10 points) What is the query processor in a DBMS? What are its components?

    Chapter 2

  5. (10 points) What is a superkey? A candidate key? A primary key? A foreign key?

  6. (10 points) What is a database schema? A relation schema? What information is contained in the relation schema?

  7. (5 pts each) Use the following schema to give the relational algebra equations for the following queries.

    Student (sid:integer, sname:string, major:string)
    Class (cid:integer, cname: string, cdesc: string)
    Enrolled (sid:integer, cid: integer, esemester: string, grade: string)
    Building (bid: integer, bname: string)
    Classrooms (crid:integer, bid: integer, crfloor: int)
    ClassAssigned (cid: integer, crid: integer, casemester: string)

    1. Find all the student's names enrolled in CS430dl.
    2. Find all the classes Hans Solo took in the SP16 semester.
    3. Find all the classrooms on the second floor of building "A".
    4. Find all the class names that are located in Classroom 130.
    5. Find all the buildings that have ever had CS430dl in one of their classrooms.
    6. Find all the classrooms that Alice Wonderland has been in.
    7. Find all the students with a CS major that have been in a class in either the "A" building or the "B" building.
    8. Find all the classrooms that are in use during the SS16 semester.
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