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Due: 11:59PM on Sunday, February 11th
Late Period: 11:59PM on Tuesday, February 13th

Lab Assignment 1b: Finding your way around queries

The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to queries:

Overview of Task

For each of the requests below, you will write and execute the queries to provide the information. These queries should be in a single file, which is then executed using the tee command to save the output.


  1. List first name,last name and the current salary of all current employees making more than $90,000 (assume that for current employees to_date field = '9999-01-01' ).
  2. List first name,last name and the department name of all current employees whose current department number is "d008" or "d009"
  3. List first name,last name and the title of all current female employees who have the title as "Technique Leader".
  4. List first name,last name and the current salary of all the current employees except "Senior Engineer". (lowest salaries first)
  5. List the first name,last name, and the birth date all employees (current and past - youngest employee first)
  6. List the first name and last name of all current employees who are department managers in all current departments.
  7. List the first name,last name and current department of the employee who is paid the maximum salary(one line of output only)

Submitting Your Assignment

Using the Canvas CS 430 Assignment Submission portal

  1. Upload the query file and output file generated while you were executing the assigment. Be sure the text file has a .txt extension.
  2. Submit the assignment.

This is Lab Assignment 1b.

Late Policy

Assignments turned in during the late period are subject to a 20% late penalty.

For more information on SQL

In addition, refer to for the online MySQL Reference Manual, as well as information on downloading MySQL onto your own machine.