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Introduction to Big Data:
term project-Proposal
CS 435
Fall 2018
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Phase 1. Proposal (Due on 10/23 by 5:00PM)


The purpose of the term project is for you to learn how to formulate a simple Big Data problem/task/application and to gain experience in solving it using algorithms, system design and techniques taught in class.  You are encouraged to find teammate, but individual projects are also allowed.  A key requirement is to do a demo and presentation at the end of the semester. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Components of the proposal document (1,000-1,200 words including references)

1. Title of your project

This should be concise and self-descriptive.

2. Problem formulation

The proposal should clearly identify the problem. It should include at least one or two carefully crafted paragraph that states and highlights the problem. The problem formulation should be able to answer following questions:

  • What is the problem you are solving?
  • What is the goal of this project?
  • Why is your project important?
  • Why is it interesting as a Big Data problem and who would use it if it were solved?

3. Your strategy to solve the problem 

Describe your proposed approach to solve the problem. The description of the strategy should include, 

  • The algorithms/techniques/models you plan to use in this project.
  • The framework you plan to use in this project.

Please note that you are also required to produce software as the final output of this project.

4. Your dataset

The proposal should include a dataset to use for your project. Please include the link to the dataset and description.

5. Project timeline (weekly plan)

You should provide a table with a weekly plan to complete the term project. If you have teammate, the plan should also include information about the respective roles.

6. Bibliography

Included a bibliography.  All references must be cited in the report. 


If it is a team submission, please submit only one copy via Canvas and specify the team members in the author list associated with the document.



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