Project Late Submission Policy

This policy applies to all projects assigned in the class. There is no late homework policy - no late homework will be accepted.

The penalty for late submission is 10% of the total grade for each 24H period your asignment is late, to a maximum of 50%. Here is how this policy will be enforced.

Suppose an assignment is due on Friday at 12 noon. All submissions will have a grace period of 10 min to account for delays in trasnmission, clock differences, mistyping information etc. If your submission timestamp is after 12:10pm but before 12 noon Saturday, your maximum points for the assignment will be reduced to 90%. (Note that there is no grace period during the time your assignment is late) If your assignment timestamp is between 12:01pm Saturday and 12 noon Sunday, your maximum points will be reduced to 80%, and so on. By Wednesday noon, your maximum points will be reduced to 50%, and this is is the final deadline to receive your late submission.

Note that if you lose points in your assignment, those will NOT be scaled. In other words, suppose you submit your late assignment on Saturday before noon, meaning you are in the 90% period. Suppose we grade your assignment and you lose 15 points. Your final grade for the assignment will be 75 and not 76.5. (It would be 76.5 if we calculated your grade as follows: 90 - 0.9*15 = 76.5)

This means that your final grade may be negative! If for example, you submit on Wednesday when your max is 50% but you lose more than 50% of the points in the assignment. In that case we will count your grade as zero. So think carefully before investing a lot of time on a late assignment - it may not be worth it.

Illness, Hardship and Other Unforeseen Circumstances

If you run into any situations beyond your control and cannot submit an assignment or you need to submit late, you must let me know before the assignment deadline. I will deal with this on a case-by-case basis. I will not consider excuses after the deadline, and absolutely not after your receive your grade. Note that in case of an illness you must bring a doctor's note. For other cases I may also ask you for documentation. (Of course I will try to be reasonable. If you get injured during an X-games competition and spend the night in the emergency room, I will waive the early notification requirement)