Class Schedule

19: Introduction (ch1) [ppt]
21: OS Structures (ch2) [ppt]
24: Processes (ch3) [ppt]
26: Threads (ch4) [ppt], Threads tutorial
28: CPU scheduling (ch5) [ppt]
31: Synchronization (ch6) [ppt]
02: Synchronization (cont.)
04: Project presentation
07: Deadlock (ch7) [ppt]
09: Deadlock (cont.)
11: Main Memory (ch8) [ppt]
14: Main Memory (cont.)
16: Virtual Memory (ch9) [ppt]
18: Virtual memory (cont.)
21: Virtual memory (cont.)
23: File Systems Interface (ch10) [ppt]
25: File System Implementation (ch11) [ppt]
28: File System Implementation (cont.)
02: Mass Storage Structure (ch12) [ppt]
04: Exam review
07: Midterm Exam (approximate date)
09: Review of midterm exam solutions
11: IPC implementation example (SunOS) [pdf]
14: Spring Break
16: Spring Break
18: Spring Break
21: Project 2 review. Also last day to drop classes
23: Class presentation on Virtualization by Nick Diel
25: More project review
28: Paper presentation: TaintCheck [paper in pdf] [slides in ppt]
30: TaintCheck (cont.) and more project discussion
01: Multimedia systems (ch20) [ppt]
04: Security (ch15) [ppt]
06: Security (cont.) Link to MAC and digital signatures examples
08: Exam review
11: Exam 2 (I will be on travel April 10-16)
13: Exam 2 solutions (TA)
15: Project 2 Review
18: Paper: IntroVirt [pdf] pptx]
20: Computer Audio by Adam Diel [ppt]
22: Computer Audio (cont.)
25: High-Performance Computing by Andy Neal [ppt] Also see Andy's page.
27: Viruses by Mike Morain [ppt]
29: Android SDK by Jim Shepherd [odp, ppt]
02: Public Key Infrastructure by Jason Bartlett [ppt]
04: Solid State Drives by Andrew Bondi [ppt]
06: Car Operating Systems by Ryan Benesky [odp, ppt]. Related paper [pdf]
12: Final exam 2:00 - 4:00pm in our classroom