Assignment 1 Discussion

In the message RegistrySendsNodeManifest, list of all nodeIDs in the system are sent. This is list is used to select a target to send the packets. May I use this list for my logic to select which node in the routing table I should send the packet to after selection of a target ?

For example, I am in Messaging Node 1. The entries in routing table are MessagingNodes 2,3,5 If my target is 4 , then I will have to send the packet to Node 3 . To be precise, can I make use of the nodeIDs list in some way so that I can choose the Node 3 to send the packet to ?

Answer: You should only depend on the routing tables sent by registry to make routing decisions. The list of node ids should be used only for selecting a random node as the destination for sending a message.

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