Assignment 2 Discussion

Domain clarification: What exactly is meant by domain in this assignment? It seems that the domain of “” is exactly that.

However, in the cases of “” and “” I'm guessing the domains are respectively supposed to be “” and “”.

Is this correct or for “” are we expected to use “”?


Answer: Use “” for CS domain and “” for the Psychology department.

Hello, I'm not sure if this is where I should post this question but I had some issues I was running into with https pages throwing a security exception, are we even supposed to be parsing https links? — Peter Christopher Ninnemann 2015/03/05 01:41

Answer: You can skip HTTPS domains.

May we discard links with spaces in them since the supplied code to resolve absolute paths cannot handle spaces?

Answer: Just trim the url string to remove any trailing or leading whitespaces. But you don't have to handle any other special characters.Thilina Buddhika 2015/03/07 14:11

Is there a tool we can use to debug on multiple threads? If wireshark or something like that we aren't allowed to use in implementation/turn-in will do this, is it fair game for us to use it while debugging as long as we take it out before submission?

Answer: Yes, you can use any tool that will help you with debugging. Usually it is tricky to use an IDE in a multi-threaded set up as it binds with a single thread. Following reference provides some hints on how to set up Eclipse to debug multiple threads. Debugging multiple threads in eclipseThilina Buddhika 2015/03/07 14:11

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