Assignment 3 Discussion

The data sample given for the census under the Assignment 3 FAQ “How does a data record look like in census data set?”… Is there a way to download that without having to bring down the nation's missile defense system first? I've tried right clicking and cannot download to a location, and tried opening the link but its so big that my browser crashes every time I try to open it. Or is there some other smaller data set than the one mentioned above to work with for the census part of P3 that I am not seeing? Thanks.

Does the data contain anything other than states? ie - Common Wealths or any of the following:

Commonwealth/Territory: Abbreviation: American Samoa AS District of Columbia DC Federated States of Micronesia FM Guam GU Marshall Islands MH Northern Mariana Islands MP Palau PW Puerto Rico PR Virgin Islands VI

Military “State”: Abbreviation: Armed Forces Africa AE Armed Forces Americas AA Armed Forces Canada AE Armed Forces Europe AE Armed Forces Middle East AE Armed Forces Pacific AP


Answer: Sometimes if the browser attempts to display file contents, it may crash because the file size is too large. Use wget to download the file.

We will be processing only the records in summary level 100. They are only corresponding to 50 states. — Thilina Buddhika 2015/04/09 15:37

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