Assignment 1 FAQ

I'll post the questions related to assignment 1 as they come in.

General Questions

* Which Java version should be used for assignments ?

  • Assignments are graded on Linux machines in CS120 lab. They are currently configured to use Open JDK 1.7. So please make sure that your implementation works fine on these machines.

* What if a node is terminated after the overlay is set up Or a node joins after the overlay is set up ?

  • We do not test your code for such special cases. You can safely assume that all the nodes who had registered by the time the setup-overlay command was issued will stay alive throughout. Also there will not be any new nodes joining the overlay after that point.

* How do I make sure that all the messages have reached their final destinations by the time the registry requests for the statistics from individual nodes?

  • It is not possible to know if a message is delivered to its final destination in this assignment. So the registry has to wait for some time (e.g. 20(s)) after receiving task completion messages from all nodes before requesting the summary statistics from individual nodes.
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